Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Found" submission

I have submitted four things to "Found" magazine in the last month or so.

The most recent one (and the most colorful one, literally) I found this morning. I can't make out the name on the back entirely ("Sister Mary Keven"? "Sister Mary Reven"?)

This was on the sidewalk on the street where I live. It was very, very damp when I found it, but it doesn't seem to have suffered terribly from being on the sidewalk. Which tends to make me think that it had not been there very long.

It's more than fifty years old, so I would assume that it's of enormous sentimental value to whoever lost it. Otherwise, it wouldn't (a) still exist and (b) be in such good shape.
Maybe I should post a notice at the old folks' home across the street?


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Especially if it does have that sentimental value for someone. Someone who is 68?


kdghty said...

Looks like MaryJo Napote is who you want to find. I think she wrote the top comment and the date below was written by Sr Mary Kevin - who gave her the mass card.

There was a Pete Napote here

in the early 60s

and there was a Sr Mary Kevin on faculty at Mercy High School in Burlingame in the early 1970s

Maybe all coincidence, but these interwebs is something - found all that from the sofa in about 10 minutes in my pajamas on a Saturday morning, having a cup of coffee.