Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009

Happy New Year


Jake Ian Ransom said...

Great posts. The 'Cat and the Canary' clip is a roost-ruler, and no mistake.

A coupla things: I found your blog because I was curious to see who else in the blogspot-o-sphere really obviously apparently evidently incontrovertibly likes Granny Weatherwax stories. Then I saw that we had similar tastes in film, as well. Cheers to your discriminating palette!

Oh, grandfather died/croaked/bought-the-farm in Bob Mould's dad's car. While Bob Mould's dad was driving it.

True story. Ask me about it sommetime.

Best of the New Year to Ye,

~Jake "I AEN'T DEAD"

BGreen said...


If you've never seen "The Cat and the Canary," put it in your Netflix queue. It's very visually interesting and, for its time, innovative -- far from just a routine, formulaic popular movie for 1927. Very entertaining, too.