Thursday, January 1, 2009

YMCA New Year's Connection

Here's another of my New Year's traditions.

New Year's Day, the Central YMCA hosts a "New Year's Connection" lunch for approximately 300 low-income seniors. They invite several music and dance groups to entertain the seniors, and both the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band and the Dixieland Dykes +3 have been asked every year since I've been involved in both groups (Dixieland Dykes +3 were founded in 1995, and we've been doing this YMCA event for at least seven years if not more).

Today was the 30th annual such event, and the 18th consecutive year that I have attended. I now recognize many faces of people who have been attending every year for ten years or more.

This event is how I ensure that I start every year with aching, bloody lips -- each group plays for thirty to forty-five minutes.

This event is also incentive not to have a hangover on New Year's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Best cure for a hangover that I know. -KH