Monday, January 12, 2009

More stupid crooks

Via Gizmodo.

According to a story from WBNS, a Columbus, OH, man managed to retrieve his carjacked BMW.

Alan Heuss was forced from his car by three men, one brandishing a gun. They took his car, some cash and his cell phone.

After consulting with some friends, he sent a text message to his cell phone in hopes that the thieves would read it. In the message, he said he'd like his car back, so would they accept some hot chicks and some drugs in exchange.

The thieves texted back the address to which the hot chicks should bring the drugs.

The police went to the address, retrieved the car and cell phone and arrested three men, all of whom were wanted in connection with car thefts in the area.

[Side note: Sometimes I post stories like this as my prediction of what might show up on NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and/or Radio 4's "The News Quiz" next weekend. I would like to point out (modestly) that "Wait Wait" used both the Mirror's Bootleg Mall story and the Telegraph's Burglar Flees from Thor stories this past weekend. I should start keeping a scorecard.]

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