Sunday, February 15, 2009

Facebook memes

Is it just me, or are these Facebook memes getting just a little too personal?

Support Your Local Identity Thief

(1) PORN NAME (Your middle name and the city where you were born)

(2) ROCK STAR NAME (Your pet's name and the state in which your driver's license was issued)

(3) SECRET AGENT NAME (Your father's middle name, your mother's maiden name, plus your Social Security number)

(4) ARMED SERVICES NAME AND SERIAL NUMBER (Your middle name, the brand of your microwave, plus your driver's license number)

(5) SCIENCE FICTION DEHUMANIZED-WORLD-OF-THE-FUTURE NAME (The full account number of your credit card with the highest available credit line)

(6) EXTRA CREDIT - I'm tired of making up reasons for you to give me stuff, so just go ahead and give me the account numbers for all your bank accounts, the name of the bank and the routing number (it's just to the left of your account number at the bottom of your checks)

Instructions: Fill out your answers to these questions and e-mail them directly to me. Then change all your life insurance policies so that I am the beneficiary. Tag all your friends and tell them that if they don't fill in the answers and send them to me, they'll get seven years of bad luck and all their hair will fall out. Make sure they understand that if any of them call the cops, I will cut them.

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