Thursday, April 2, 2009



Gomez's new album, "A New Tide," came out this week.
It's been nearly three years since they released an album. I just received it yesterday, and I will have to listen to it a few times before I'll feel like I can say anything useful about it.

I think the main reasons that most of their stuff appeals to me are: (1) they don't have just one sound -- they have three singers who take turns at the lead; (2) they can write a decent hook; (3) their production tends to be very nice and textured (this often means that live performances are significantly different from their studio recordings); and (4) though each album is not a complete, radical departure from the previous one, each album they release is different enough than the previous one that you can never accuse them of just making the same album over and over again.

You can stream Tuesday night's Jimmy Fallon show when they performed "Airstream Driver"
(if you don't feel like watching the whole show, jump forward to about 37:30).

In the meantime, here's their groovy video for "Silence."

[UPDATE: You can also click here to preview two tracks: Airstream Driver and Little Pieces.]

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