Tuesday, June 23, 2009


dBs Neverland

I was thinking about Chapel Hill 1980s music and did some digging around YouTube. I stumbled across this reconstructed video for the dBs' song, "Neverland."



bcarter3 said...

Damn, I loved this band. Must have seen them a dozen times at the old 930 Club on F Street in DC.

Interesting that you posted this now.

After a gap of almost 20 years, Holsapple and Stamey released a new album this month. It's called "Here And Now" and you can get it through emusic, ITunes, Amazon, or Other Music. (Prices vary; shop around.)

Here's their site: http://www.holsapplestamey.com/

Mark said...


BGreen said...

Oddly, I had heard of this new Stamey/Holsapple effort, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. I now have the CD in my hot little hands.