Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pride Brunch and Pink Saturday

This morning, Dixieland Dykes +3 played at the Pride Brunch. The brunch is hosted by Donna Sachet and Gary Virginia, and features brief speeches by the grand marshals of the Pride parade. This year's grand marshals include Cloris Leachman, Lt. Dan Choi, Dan Nicoletta, and some of the producers of "Milk." Proceeds from the brunch benefit Positive Resource Center.

Then in the evening, as always, Castro Street and several surrounding streets were blocked off for "Pink Saturday." This year was much more a formal event than previous years -- many more police barriers used to form actual entry corridors, in order to permit security to search people's bags, conficscate any alcohol they found, collect $7 from them and mark them with a pink sticker to indicate that they'd paid. There were lots and lots of cops visible, as well as people in orange "community safety" vests. There were banks of Port-a-Johns every half block or so. And there were "beverage booths" selling, basically, beer.

As usual, around sundown, the band marched single-file down the middle of Castro Street from 19th and stopped in a couple of different spots to play for a while to an enthusiastic crowd.

So here's the pictures (click on them to enlarge them):

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