Monday, June 29, 2009

Parade Day

Let's see... What can I say that isn't said over and over in other places?

It was hot. The black polyester and the plastic helmets were not particularly helpful in this weather.

The band was Unit 23 this year -- way towards the front of the parade. This is because the Pride Committee wanted us to go onto the main stage at 12:45 and play for about 5 minutes, so we had to be early enough in the parade to meet that schedule. As it turned out, a couple of their speakers didn't show up on time, so we were actually off the stage before 12:45

All in all, I did not do very much after the parade was over. I sat in the band booth and played music for another 15 minutes or so. I ate a corn dog. I got Cloris Leachman to sign a copy of her autobiography (she didn't hear me properly, so she signed it to "Billy and Jeff"). I ate an It's It. And I waited around the entrance to both the Public Library and the Asian Art Museum in case any soc.motss people showed up. None did.

And there were so many people with iPhones at Civic Center that they jammed all communications on the AT&T network -- the phone had four bars and was connected to the 3G network, but everything failed to work. I had to walk nearly all the way to Market Street to make phone calls, and I couldn't upload any pictures at all. Chip finally figured out that the only thing that would work reliably was text messaging.


Dosbears said...

We left pretty soon after you played on the main stage. Also had problems with AT&T. We would have liked to have stayed around, but were worried about whether the power and/or AC would stay on at home, keeping our dog safe. Upper 90s at home yesterday.

Anonymous said...

How did you know where to find Cloris Leachman?


PS Great to see you blogging more and glad you're finally getting a break. Will get back to you v. soon re: your nephew(?)'s band.

BGreen said...

I didn't know where she was. We just found her. She was pretty much in the vicinity of the library.

The Ace Enders thing is next Tuesday, July 8, so don't think for too long.