Friday, July 31, 2009

The Fillmore (Part 2 - Gomez)

Thursday, July 30

I don't think this has ever happened before, and I don't think it will happen again soon: Chip and I went to the Fillmore for the second time in ten days. This time we went to see the British quintet, Gomez.

The last song played in the auditorium before Gomez came onto the stage was someone's cover of the Gomez song, "Whippin' Piccadilly." If anyone knows the name of the band that recorded this (and where I can find the recording), I'd love to know. [UPDATE: It's by Petty Booka, from their album, "Summer Breeze".]

They came onto the stage around 10:15 and finished their last encore almost exactly at midnight. In the hour and forty-four minutes they were on stage, they didn't talk very much between songs. But one of the things they announced was that their second show on July 31 would be an entirely different show. Ian said that they would be repeating only one song, their "smash hit," "Airstream Driver." In other words, it sounds like their label requires them to perform "Airstream Driver" at all their shows.

After the show ended, I noticed that one of the guys cleaning up the stage picked up a set list and handed it to someone standing at the edge of the stage. It turns out that there were (at least) five copies of the set list scattered around the stage, and as they cleaned the stage, they passed these set lists to the people at the edge of the stage. So I joined the small group of people trying to get a copy. And I got one (pictured below -- click on it to enlarge).

[UPDATE 8/1/09: Several people have reached this page by searching for the July 31 setlist. According to the Gomez bulletin board at their website, the list was as follows:

do one





meet me in the city

miles end





blue moon

ain't no sunshine










But the person who posted it says that they remember hearing Shot Shot instead of Do One.

[Update March 2010: Follow the link to some photos from Gomez's March 17, 2010 gig at Great American Music Hall.  And follow this link for the setlists from all three GAMH shows.]

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