Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bobs

I'm posting this in response to the number of times that people have posted the "Voca People" video to Facebook.  While I honestly believe that The Voca People are immensely talented, I also honestly find them heavily derivative of The Bobs (and The Bobs do it with half as many performers).

For a more direct comparison to The Voca People, here's a link to a complete mp3 of The Bobs' cover of The Beatles' song, "Helter Skelter."  (Don't worry, the mp3 is offered to the universe by The Bobs on their website, so the file should be perfectly legal.)  This song was recorded in 1983 -- about 25 years before Voca People came along.  As I recall, this album had a notice on it warning the listener that all the sounds on the album were made by the Bobs' mouths and other parts of their bodies.

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