Friday, September 18, 2009

Chalk Visions

Chalk artist, Nikolas Larson, has started a blog to document his chalk drawings at various spots around the city.

The reason I'm familiar with his work at all is that I walk past his work on the way to and from the gym.  Near the corner of 15th and Market, at the Union 76 gas station, there is a place where the sidewalk widens in such a way that it's actually a pretty low-foot-traffic area, and Mr. Larson has drawn two drawings there now.

First, in early July, he drew an elaborate piece which, oddly, is not documented on his blog.  Because this particular little stretch of sidewalk is so low-traffic, the drawing stayed pretty fresh-looking for about two months.

Then, a week or two ago, the drawing disappeared overnight.  I assumed that either the city or the 76 station had washed it away.  But a new drawing, "The Prince of Wands," started to appear soon afterward.

The two drawings he has done in this spot are very similar in style, but his photos of his other works show a much broader range.  So when you have a few free minutes, go check out his blog, "Chalk Visions."

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