Monday, January 18, 2010

Life's (and the Interweb's) little mysteries.....

About two months ago, I posted about my top ten favorite new CDs by new artists of 2009.  Considering that I had only bought around ten new CDs by new artists,[1] it was not so much a question of "selection" as it was "what order should I put them in."

Little Boots came in at number 4, and La Roux tied for first (with folk artist Lisa Hannigan, who is, in some ways, the Anti-Electropop).  I stated that as a rule, dance music and electropop were things that I haven't really had a great love for since the 1980s, but these two at least seemed to have some legitimate credit and legitimate talent.[2]  I even stated that this kind of music was stuff that I would ordinarily expect to be making fun of rather than listening to.  At no time did I say that "the year 2009 was a breakthrough for electro pop".  Susan Boyle was on the list, fer cryin' out loud, as well as Megan Lynch's album of songs from Warner Brothers cartoons.

So imagine my surprise this afternoon when I checked my blog stats to find that someone arrived on this blog from Wikipedia.  Following the link, I found a sparse, three-sentence entry headed "2009 in electro pop music."  The first of the three sentences is "The year 2009 was a breakthrough for electropop," with a footnote reference attributing this blog as the source of the statement.

I suppose that writing any kind of blog will inevitably lead one to being cited on Wikipedia at some point or another.  It just hadn't occurred to me.  And, frankly, I would probably prefer to be cited as an authority on some kind of music other than electropop.



[1] Yes, I really do mean "CDs" and not "blasted low-quality under-sampled artifact-ridden Internet downloaded mp3s/m4as."  Call me a dinosaur, but I prefer quality to convenience.

[2] After writing that posting, I did actually break down and purchase Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster," considering it to be kind of inevitable.   I did not deem it necessary to edit the blog entry in order to add Lady Gaga to the list.

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