Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Made My Day

It's not often that you get a telemarketing call and get that "It Made My Day" feeling.

However, I just had the following phone conversation (at 10:30 on a Sunday morning): 

Me: Hello? 

Ricky:  Hello, may I speak to Mr. Green? 

Me:  And who is calling? 

Ricky:  This is Ricky, I am calling from Dish (blah-blah-blah), and I am calling to offer you satellite service.  Did you know that you can get over 200 channels with our service? 

Me:  Really?  And did you know that you just called a number that is listed with the National "Do Not Call" Registry for marketing calls? 

Ricky (seriously):  Oooh, no!  I did not know that! 

Me:  So would you like me to report you, or would you like to hang up now? 

Ricky (sounding very sincere):  I think I'd better hang up now! 



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