Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Toss

I think the name gives you an idea of how these photos were made. 

I promise that these photos were created in the camera.  Photoshop was not used to create any part of the images (though I did use Photoshop to adjust the levels on all photos, resize all photos and crop a couple of them.

Out of my first experiment with camera tossing, I kept seven.  All seven can be seen in a Flickr set.  (Tangential note:  Just to impress upon you the power of the Internets, within five minutes of my posting these photos to Flickr, someone had already commented on one of them.)

Some camera toss photos can be quite amazing.For many examples, see the Camera Toss Flickr Stream.

And for much info on and examples of Camera Tossing, check out Camera Toss (the Blog).

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