Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OK Go: The Band Geek Video

There was some controversy when this video first came out, in that OK Go's record label would not permit this video to be embedded, so no one could post it to their blog.

Apparently, that issue has been resolved....

[UPDATE 3/10/10:  Just to prove my AWESOME powers:  NPR did a story today about exactly this, wherein they said this:  "The band's label, EMI, didn't see things the same way. In an effort to maintain some control over the dissemination of the music video, EMI denied listeners the ability to embed it on their own Web sites and blogs. After receiving a deluge of complaints, the band eventually persuaded EMI to enable embedding. Soon afterward, however, OK Go parted ways with EMI to start its own record label, Paracadute."  Proving that when I speak, NPR listens. :-)]

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