Monday, July 19, 2010

Flickr quirk

This has happened to me several times. 

Today was the AIDS Walk 2010 in Golden Gate Park. As has happened for at least ten years if not fifteen, the band played at Checkpoint 1 (the first stop for walkers to get water, food and bathroom breaks).  Our director refers to it as a reverse parade -- we sit on the sidelines and play music while people walk past us.

I took a handful of photos, which I uploaded to Flickr this evening.

Before all 12 photos were finished uploading, one photo had been viewed twice, and another had been viewed once by someone who commented, "Nice image."

This has happened several times, as I said.  When I uploaded some camera toss photos, someone viewed and commented "Cool" on one of the photos before I had a chance to view the photo myself.  And a couple of weeks ago when I was uploading photos from New York, someone from Brasil viewed and favorited two of the photos before all the photos had uploaded.

I know how this happens.  People hang out on the Flickr page that shows the most recent uploads and on the page that shows recent uploads by their Creative Commons licensing, looking for something that looks interesting to them.

But it still kind of weirds me out when someone from Brasil gets to my Flickr photos faster than I can reach them when I've just uploaded them a few seconds before.

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