Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Psychedelic Furs at Slim's


Set One: Talk Talk Talk:
Dumb Waiters
Pretty In Pink
I Wanna Sleep With You
No Tears
Mr. Jones
Into You Like a Train
It Goes On
So Run Down
All Of This & Nothing
She Is Mine

Set Two:
Sister Europe
Love My Way
President Gas
Highwire Days
Heartbreak Beat

My Time

(Same setlist as LA last weekend, except for they didn't play "Forever Now.")

Tim Butler looks like he's going for a Johnny/Marky Ramone look.....


Ken Lange said...

I was at this show, but missed the entire first set; got to Slim's about 8:50pm.

Did the opening DJ not show up or something?


BGreen said...

Not only was there no opening act, but they also started pretty much on time. Paul Simon at the Fillmore (also with no opening act) did not start for about half an hour after the time advertised.