Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More candles

First I told you about the candles that smell like Jesus.

Now let me introduce you to Manly Man Candles (aka "Mandles").

Here's a sample list of available fragrances:

Hunting Lodge ("a strong, woody outdoor scent accented by cedar");

Yardwork ("smells like fresh cut grass");

Sports Injury (smells like "a cream that gets ICY cold and then HOT, if you get my drift");

Wild Alaska ("true pine accented with earthy undertones");

and, of course,

Leather (do I really have to describe it? Okay, it smells like leather.)


Jeff said...

What? No "locker room"?

BGreen said...


Not only is there no "locker room," there's no "frat row the morning after the kegger," [1] no "gasoline and motor oil," and no "sweaty jock strap."

Can you BELIEVE some people!?!?!?


[1] which smells alarmingly like "Castro Street, early morning, November 1"