Saturday, September 13, 2008

The most precious item in the universe

Coming soon to a Dixieland Dykes +3 gig near you!

Seriously, next time DD+3 plays a formal gig, I'm pulling out the gold
bow tie and cummerbund to go with my new red and gold Elvis shoes.

Wes will be jealous of these.


Anonymous said...

yeah, he might have accessories.

Where did you get them? What's the story, morning glory?


BGreen said...

I can't give away such precious secrets....


Shoe Pavilion on Market (Union Square) is going out of business. They have all their Elvis shoes (these and other styles) on sale for $19.99 a pair, plus additional discount of at least 10% because of the liquidation sale.

I checked the website of the manufacturer. Elvis shoes are no longer being made and can no longer be bought, not even from the manufacturer. But you can see all the different styles at

Anonymous said...

i now own 13 pairs of the elvis shoes. i bought 7 pairs of the silver hounddog, 5 pairs of the black hounddog and an odd black of the canvas king. i should have enough to last me a lifetime.