Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My favorite search term

As previously mentioned, I keep an eye on this blog's traffic, just for fun.   I'm resigned to the fact that about 60% of the traffic here is from people searching some variant of "Playboy" or "Play boy" ("play boy naked videos," "gay play boy," "play gay boi," etc.).  Plus a lot of people get here by searching for variations of "Castro naked."  But every once in a while, I see truly entertaining things in the details.

I just saw my current favorite reason for someone to arrive here:

"San Francisco, California arrived from on 'Go, Play, Boy, Play: Naked guys in the Castro' by searching for Why are there naked people in the CASTRO? Why?"

(Answer: Because it's not against the law.  As luck would have it, one of the Castro's naked guys found the above-linked posting and left a fairly lengthy comment detailing the reason why they wander naked around the Castro, so at least maybe this blog helped someone just a little....?)

What I like about it is the conversational tone.  Whereas I am (and, if my traffic stats are to be believed, a lot of people are) strictly utilitarian in my search terms.  I would search this topic as "naked Castro" or "Castro naked men."  But this search term gives me the image of someone sitting at their keyboard, poring his/her heart out to the computer, crying, "Why, oh, why must there be these naked people in the Castro?  Please make it don't be true!"

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