Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Roads That Lead People Here

More blogstitics.

Here are the latest and greatest links and Google searches that bring people to this territory (and links to the pages that they encounter):

1) More often than not, people come in through the front door, either through bookmarks, e-mail links, or links from other blogs.

This also includes searches for terms such as "Play boy photoes" or "gay play boy" or "boy sex" or "x-rated photoes" or other such search terms that make me think people are looking for something far more pornographic than I provide. Some of them return, though. Whether this is because they run the same search every day and fail to remember that they've been here before, or because they liked what they found, even if it wasn't what they were looking for, I have no way of knowing (though, of course, I prefer to believe it's the latter and not the former).

And apparently "photoes" is an extremely common misspelling -- again, who knew? It would never have occurred to me.

2) "San Francisco Pride Photos."

3) Searches on the photo attached to the posting entitled, "Gay Pride at the Onion" -- Now this one I really don't understand. People are getting here through an image search on this picture that as far as I know originates with the Onion, and they wind up at my blog. Go figure.

4) Virgin Megastore in Times Square closing.

5) Searches on "Stan Tiger Romanek" or "Romanek video" or similar searches (still high on the list, even though the story ceased to be news over a month ago).

6) Searches relating to "Psycho" and "voyeurism."

7) Searches about Violent Femmes' having covered Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."

8) Image searches on the artwork from Flying Lizards' album "Top Ten."

9) Searches looking for proof that the video, "Where the Hell Is Matt?" is a hoax (apparently there's a theory spreading that it's all done with green screen).

He actually answers this one on his own website as the last question on his FAQ page as follows:

This is all a big hoax, isn't it? You did it with a green screen. You never left your house. It's true, isn't it?


"I knew it! I'm telling everyone! You're nailed, buddy!"

10) "Boss-speak bingo."

11) Those candles that smell like Jesus.

12) 1... 2... 3:45 6/7/8 (search term is most often "Union Square Musical").

(P.S., For the person whose search was a question: "LGBTIQQ" stands for "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Questioning". Urban Dictionary is a good place to look for things like this, especially as it can give you variants. Personally, I have not heard a version with two "I"s in it. Perhaps someone else can enlighten us?)

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